New York, 2016 The war between humans and the newly discovered vampires has only just begun, ground zero being New York city with other attacks being triggered all over the world. The war raged on for years, resulting in loss of life on both sides, but the vampires would ultimately claim the victory with the help of their hellhound companions. The world was now under the control of a single man who would be deemed the king. Shortly after claiming their victory vampires and hellhounds alike would sweep through the city pulling humans from their homes and forcing them into slavery. Those that managed to avoid the sweep went on to either hide themselves away or join a new group dedicated to fight back the monster, the rebellion.

New York, 2056 It has been forty years now and things have gotten progressively worse for the humans. Vampires have only gained more power since the early days of their victory, beating back every uprising that has come up and promptly putting the humans back in their place. The rebellion is working as hard as they can to take down the king and all his followers by any means necessary, but their efforts thus far have been in vain. Time is running out for the free humans of the world as the vampires and their loyal hounds close in.

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For the first time since the end of the war the anointed have cordinated a widescale sweep outside of the dome in hopes of locating the rebel stronghold. While their main objective is to locate stronghold and take as many prisoners possible they will also be going through many buildings surrounding the dome as well as other hotspots known for human activity.
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Outside of the dome in the rubble of the once great city lies the rebels stronghold. On the outside this building looks broken down and ready to collapse but once you make your way inside and down the steps heading towards what would be a basement it's a totally different story. The majority of their hideout is in the underground having carved out tunnels over the years to move from building to building without being detected by hunters. There is plenty of rooms for runaways and those looking to join the cause.
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The beaches were once a beautiful place now however they are littered with evidence from the past struggle. Large cars, trash, even misplaced clothing from bodies that once lay on the sands can be found. Rocks dot the white sands and even though it might not hold the beauty it once had it is still a serene place to visit.
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One of the few buildings that hold little to no damage the theater is a popular spot for humans to hide during the night time hours. Everything in this building appears to be untouched with costumes still backstage and seats still intact. The only thing that has changed is the masses of humans that try to find refuge in this familiar place.
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The streets outside of the dome are littered with rubble from not only the war but recent struggles as well. Most roads have some degree of rubble covering them but the further out you get the better they look. Monsters beware as the buildings offer the perfect hiding spot for rebels.
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This once beautiful church that once offered sanctuary to the people of New York now sits in ruins, the inside having been burned during the war. The church from the outside appears to be in perfect condition with the exception of broken windows while the inside has been completely gutted by a fire years ago. Vegetation has grown up out of the once wooden floors and different types of flowers and small bushes have sprouted up over the years, making it seem more like an indoor garden than a church.
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Once a popular place for children and adults of all ages to come and have fun this theme park now serves as a painful reminder of the past. Sitting with a wonderful view of the beaches off in the distance this place has obviously seen better days. The rides have slowly deteriorated and broken down from the harsh weather, most of which are in shambles.
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Everywhere is just as it sounds, it's everywhere else! This could be anywhere in or around the ruined part of the city be it the outskirts where more vegetation is or some specific place within the city limits. The possibilities are endless~

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